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Can I Get Medicare ? 


Medicare Advantage



Advantage plans are popular due to the volume of people selling them.  Lucrative to those who sell them but not as lucrative to the buyer. Good for some but not for all. We thoroughly vet each plan in each jurisdiction and spell it out very clearly.  The biggest factors to 

consider are freedom of choice and the Maximum Annual Out of Pocket. Do ALL of your doctors accept the plan or will you need to make provider adjustments.


Medicare Supplement


Medicare Advising


Also known as Medi-Gap, Gap or Supplement, these plans are offered in Letter Categories, Plan A through N, each letter plan is standardized by Medicare. Plans are rated and priced by their respective insurers.  A supplement is the ideal option for some but it must also fit into your long term budget.  Most importantly

if you are turning 65 this is a critical decision point when it comes to a Medicare Supplement Plan.


How do you discern the motives of those providing advice ? It's difficult and challenging. Ultimately,it comes down to talking and asking.  Sometimes it's hard to tell if it is true, does your neighbor know better, or perhaps a friend or family member ? We will be happy to show you and reveal the truths in this industry. Can you trust the folks at Medicare ? Or the well-meaning telemarketer ? Lets talk, experience the difference.

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Please let us know if you would like to see something on our website, if you have a suggestion, good or bad we would not be the company we are without constructive criticism, we value any and all input and suggestions.  Thank you so much for visiting !!!


The Benefits Advisors is our brand, we operate in conjunction with Gulf Pacific Financial and Development Services Incorporated, Gulf Pacific Financial and Development Services Incorporated (Gulf Pacific Financial) is a Florida Corporation and licensed as an insurance agency in Florida and other states. The Benefits Advisors is a brand name not to be confused with other organizations with similar names.  The Benefits Advisors does not sell insurance, all insurance written is done so through our Corporation, licensed and contracted to almost every insurance company in the United States. Gulf Pacific Financial is a financial advisory firm assisting clients with retirement planning, business continuation and continuity services as well as other programs related to insurance and advising. We are a privately held corporation founded by Jimmy Adams II who actively works in the company every day. No information on this website is to be construed as endorsed by Medicare, The Federal Government or any of its entities.  We are an independent and privately held organization with other registered brands for the purpose of providing targeted information to those who need it. We do not provide legal or accounting advice and you are encouraged to seek legal counsel as well as appropriate accounting advice when necessary. All content on this site is the exclusive property of Gulf Pacific Financial and copying, duplicating or using said information without the express written consent of Gulf Pacific Financial will be deemed infringement of copyright and will be legally pursued. 


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We are truly grateful to the thousands of clients we have served over the past 26 years, thank you for allowing us to serve you !


As a person who has not had Insurance in many years I want to reach out and thank Cindy Figueroa and Jimmy Adams for helping me today to get insurance with Florida Blue. These two individuals went far and beyond to make this process a easy process. This is a major blessing and a big stress relief since I'm a 60 yr. old female who can now take care of things I have put off for many years because of finances. Thank you Cindy and Jimmy my prayers have been answered.


Sincerely Lisa B

Jimmy has been very proficient and helping me with my insurance and many other issues with getting cards and ordering medication and communicating with me and working with me on social security questions that I have about picking the right choices for me and my family and my life I cannot believe the amount of help that someone has taken time to do for other people it is very unusual for this to happen you would like to think that it would happen all the time but it doesn't I can only come in to him and all people involved for doing this and being so proficient at their job

George R.

Mary Leigh is a great asset to your firm. She helped us navigate our Medicare plans as well as prescription drug plans! Yes, she saved us a bunch of money too! Hats off and thank you Mary Leigh for your professionalism and great attitude.

Gary H

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